Teaching and Learning

MA Multimedia Design and Production

Title Page of the MA Multimedia Design and Production documentationI began lecturing in 1995 as a module leader on the MA Multimedia Arts programme. This was the first such course in the country, drawing on the practical expertise of the staff from the Learning Methods Unit and underpined by the academic excellence of the Liverpool Art School

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BA iMedia

Title page of the BA Interaction Design for Entertainment Media validation document.In 2004, I was asked to develop a new BA programme in interactive media design. I wrote the course documentation and led the team in validation process. I also taught on the course over several years.

The following year, I developed a new Foundation Degree and, once again, led the team in the validation process.

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Connect Multimedia Technology

Title Page of a module booklet from the Connect Multimedia Technology courseFrom 1997 through to 2002, the Learning Methods Unit worked on a collaborative project with the University of Liverpool (CONNECT) to deliver a part-time course in multimedia design and production. I edited the course documentation for all six modules as well as writing and delivering large sections of the course materials.

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Digital Technology: Athens

Web Page announcing the Digital Technology course in AthensIn 2000, Liverpool JM University undertook the writing and delivery of a DipHE (later converted to a BA) in Marousi, Athens. I was involved in both the co-ordination of this programme and the writing and delivery of sections of the course.

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Online Course Materials

Home page of the Actionscript online courseI've been involved in the development of a number of online course materials including this one which ran from 2002 to 2004 and was used to support independent student study as well as supplementing taught courses.

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