Novel Interactions

Screen shot from a motion detection research projectA large part of both my project work and my teaching has involved the exploration of new ways of interacting with information and communication technologies. This area has become highly topical in recent years with the success of the Wii platform and the developments in mobile phone technology. My research into sensor driven interaction has been based on the Phidgets and Arduino systems and on motion and sound detection.

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International Symposium of Electronic Art

Cover of the ISEA 2009 catalogueIn 2009 I assisted Peter Appleton at the International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA) in Belfast where we demonstrated the virtual BBQ installation which formed a part of the Urban Intersections piece created by Paul Sermon and Charlotte Gould from University of Salford.

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Shangpool Arcadia

Home page of the Shangpool Arcadia web siteShang-pool Arcadia is a collaborative project established between Liverpool John Moores University, the University of Shanghai and the University of Salford. Drawing on expertise and research from both science and art faculties within these universities our projects take aspects of public parks and urban spaces in Shanghai and Merseyside and create virtual and augmented Arcadia's which explore the park as an idealised landscape.

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Pond Life

Screen shot from a touch screen interaction projectMy research into novel forms of interaction has fed directly into my teaching and I've been able to introduce students to the posibilites presented by sensor-driven and touch screen technologies. Here I've supported one of my Malaysian students with this touch-screen interactive project exploring pond-life

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No Pain No Gain

Photograph of the No Pain No Gain installation from 2012 student showOn another occasion, I helped a student on the Fine Arts degree, with her installation piece, 'No Pain, No Gain' which involved an animation driven by peddling a bicycle.

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