Life Sciences Conference

Cover page of the Life Sciences papersAt a Life Sciences converence held by the University of Liverpool in 1995, I was asked to deliver a paper on the development of interactive multimedia training materials.

The paper focused on our experiences developing the CytoFocus Training course the previous year.

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Software Development Conference,Ostrava

Leaflet from the Software Developmentconference, OstravaFollowing two workshop sessions which I ran at the Faculty of Informatics, Ostrava, Czech Republic, I was asked to deliver a paper at their conference in 1998, giving an overview of the variety of educational software being produced at the Learning Methods Unit and the skillset required for this development

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Teaching and Learning Conference, 2011

Teaching and Learning conferenceIn 2011, I delvered a paper on the history of educational technology, its present impact, and its dismal failure to change teaching practice in Higher Education despite the hyperbole surrounding this subject area.

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Create 11

Create 11 Symposium publicity leafletAt the Create 11 symposium in London, 2011, I delivered a paper on the success of a collaborative project which combined the efforts of both arts and science researchers across university departments, and across continents. The 'Shang-pool' project was the inspiration of Peter Appleton of the Arts School. LJMU, and included contributions from the University of Shanghai, China and from the University of Salford.

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